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Yesupadam - Reaching India's Untouched by Terri Whitaker

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Yesupadam - Reaching India's Untouched by Terri Whitaker
Yesupadam, a poor “Untouchable” Indian boy whose name means “Jesus Foot” finds love and acceptance in the love of Jesus and sets out to touch India with the Gospel.
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Yesupadam - Reaching India's Untouched

By Terri Whitaker

This is the story of Yesupadam, whose name means “Jesus Foot”, a starving “Untouchable” Indian boy. Embittered by his caste and poverty, he turns to communism, atheism, gambling, alcohol, and gang violence in his search for purpose, but becomes radically born again through a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. His life as a deadbeat husband, father and drunkard is transformed, and Yesupadam becomes a tireless evangelist.

His growing ministry begins to target the unreached tribal peoples in the mountains of Andhra Pradesh and dramatic miracles take place as they share the message of salvation. Yesupadam and the others in Love-n-Care Ministries make great sacrifices to bring the Gospel to their nation. These men tell of God using their prayers to cure cancer, heal sickness, restore deaf ears, cast out evil spirits, and even to raise the dead. More importantly, they tell of people coming to Christ.

Through the preaching and praying of these pastors and evangelists, Love-n-Care Ministries is planting churches in every major village in a tribal region of over 6 million people, having already planted more than 300 churches since 1995. Yet Yesupadam and the believers in LNC have great faith to believe for more — more churches, more reached villages, more children’s homes, and even a university. Clearly, God has much more to do through Yesupadam and these faithful Christians in east India.

Author bio:

Terri Whitaker has been researching and writing the amazing life story of Yesupadam and Love-n-Care Ministries since she first traveled to India in 2002 to teach at the LNC school and to work in its Children’s Home. Terri conducted and recorded fifty interviews with key leaders, directors, teachers, spouses and children, visiting tribal areas, schools, children’s homes, the hospital, and other ministries. Terri is a graduate of North Carolina State University. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband and son, where she writes, teaches piano, and serves her local church.

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