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To Wake a Kingdom

Part Number ISBN 9781940693040
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To Wake a Kingdom
To Wake a Kingdom
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Waking Sleeping Beauty is only the beginning....When Prince Rhodri, the fiancé of Crown Princess Calissa of Ecclesia, goes missing, everyone is rightly concerned. But no one realizes this disappearance is a foreshadowing of something much worse. The day before Calissa's twentieth birthday, an ancient enemy reappears and manipulates her into pricking her finger on a rose, an action causing the whole kingdom to fall into an enchanted sleep. Only Aislinn, Calissa's best friend, escapes. Though Aislinn is a Brenwyd, a race of people gifted to fight magic, she knows she cannot defeat such a powerful sorceress alone and goes in search of Rhodri to help break the spell with true love's kiss. She is successful, but they discover that freeing the whole kingdom will require more than a kiss. It will require the three friends to journey to the heart of the sorceress's lair; to trust in Abba, the most High, more than ever before; and to seek the help of an unexpected ally who battled the sorceress long ago. He has secrets of his own, however, and if Aislinn truly wants to wake the kingdom she must unravel them and heal a long-hardened heart. But will she be able to do so in time?


Rosemary Groux began writing in high school, and her first books, the three books of the award-winning Brenwyd Legacy trilogy, were published by the time she graduated. She attended Berry College where she majored in animal science and minored in creative writing and history. Animals are her first love, but books are a close second, and her writings in Christian fantasy reflect the kind of novels she best likes to read herself. She graduated Berry College in 2019 and now lives in Broad Run, VA with her family, two dogs, a cat, and various horses.

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