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Brenwyd Legacy - Gift Boxed set

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Brenwyd Legacy - Gift Boxed set
Brenwyd Legacy - Gift Boxed set
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Fans will love this beautiful gift boxed set with all three Brenwyd Legacy titles included: Brenwyd Legacy - Finding Truth, Brenwyd Legacy - Finding Secrets, and Brenwyd Legacy - Finding Freedom. This is the award-winning epic trilogy about the unseen battle between good and evil: Finding Truth (Book One): Cassie Pennington discovers she is descended from the Brenwyds, an ancient people as much in danger as they are gifted. Hiding her pointed ears and special talents, however, doesn't keep Cassie out of trouble. A mysterious organization kidnaps her parents, seeking her dad's groundbreaking research about King Arthur's treasure, and tries to thwart Cassie's destiny. With the help of her animals, her two best friends, and a suspicious new acquaintance, Cassie sets out on a quest to rescue her parents and find the truth. Finding Secrets (Book Two): The Brenwyd Legacy trilogy continues as Cassie and her friends journey to Glastonbury, where they meet a mysterious woman who holds the key to their past – and their future. Suddenly thrust through a musical “time slip,” the teens find themselves in a kingdom ruled by none other than the legendary King Arthur. Before they can return and finish the rescue mission they began in their own era, the four friends discover that they have a vital role to play in this one. To preserve the legacy of a kingdom that has fascinated imaginations for centuries, they must first uncover several secrets. Caught in a race against time and a battle against the original Brotherhood, will Cassie and her friends be able to find the answers to their questions in time to save the kingdom... and themselves? Finding Freedom - (Book Three): Cassie, Sarah, David, and William have survived Camboglanna, but they have one more challenge in front of them before they go home: infiltrate Mordred’s castle and free his Brenwyd prisoners. They also must find the Sword of Kings, which is a key part of Mordred’s downfall. Overhanging the operation is Arthur’s worsening condition and Cassie’s worry that they may not have enough time left to re-forge the Sword of Kings, and may not even have enough time left to stay through Arthur’s death. Arriving back in their own time, the teens discover that Gwen has been captured by the Brotherhood and scramble to find someone who can fix the Sword of Kings. With the confrontation with Mordred fast approaching, it’ll take faith, hope, and a miracle for everything to come together as foretold.
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